Marketing for the restaurant industry today is not what it was twenty, ten, or even five years ago. As our world becomes increasingly digital, the playing field on which small businesses advertise has dramatically transformed. This evolution presents new, unique challenges — but also new opportunities. Ex Waitress is interested in unlocking the potential your business has to climb to the top of this new marketing world.

Ex Waitress executes multi-pronged marketing campaigns that combine traditional public relations strategies in print, digital, and television media with strong social media and web presences, diligent monitoring of and responses to online review sites, and creative event planning to create an undeniable buzz around your business. Services offered include:

  • Social Media creation, training, and upkeep
  • Website design and maintenance
  • Public Relations management
  • Influencer partnerships
  • Event planning
  • Email newsletters
  • Maintenance and responses to review sites like Yelp, Facebook, Google, and TripAdvisor
  • Content generation including photography, copy writing, and blog posts

Ex Waitress has served diverse hospitality clients including Atelier Florian, Da Legna, the Jitter Bus, and Freskos, to name a few.

Atelier Florian is a new American, fine dining restaurant with a Belgian influence featuring an extensive sea and meat-focused menu and raw bar. Ex Waitress created and developed the restaurant’s Instagram and Facebook pages, sought out and coordinated multiple articles by news outlets, monitored and managed the restaurant’s Yelp account, provided original photography, and developed relationships with individuals and organizations on behalf of the business.

The Jitter Bus is a mobile coffee shop serving the Greater New Haven area. Converted from a short school bus into a coffee truck, the business has garnered significant attention across the state of Connecticut — which Ex Waitress has helped to initiate. The Jitter Bus has consistently referred to Ex Waitress as an advisor in developing social media, marketing, and public relations strategies.

Da Legna is the fifth and newest addition to the New Haven apizza pros. Not just a pizza joint, the restaurant offers traditional thin crust artisanal pizzas and small plates made in their wood-fired oven. Ex Waitress has moderated and written original content for Da Legna social media and review site accounts, executed public relations strategies, and produced original photography for the restaurant.

Freskos is a modern Greek fast casual restaurant serving fresh meats, salads, and yogurts. Ex Waitress created and developed Freskos social media accounts and produced original photography for the restaurant.