New Haven’s Garden of Eden is Spelled Kasbah

Kasbah is an unsung New Haven hero. It’s pulled away from the street, intimate, and lush — think rose bushes, green-leafed and swaying sleepy branches, a tiny bridge to an even more remote and forested seating area. This may be the best outdoor seating in all of New Haven. And the food is incredible, too.

Their falafel is my favorite. It’s softer, fluffier, and more delicious than unnamed other falafel panderers in the city, and definitely the freshest. Their combination plate is always a safe bet: fresh hummus drizzled in olive oil, baba ghanouj, pitted olives, delicious grape leaves, and a little side of thick tahini. Fresh and perfect.

The tagine and couscous are always amazing, too. I always have loved the lamb (fall-apart tender and juicy), but recently tried the fish and was impressed by that too. Also, their hookah is great, though it would be helpful if they gave tongs with each (I used my butter knife to move the coal and wipe away ash) and carried floral favors, but that’s a bit nit picky.

Kasbah is beautiful, peaceful, has delicious food, and feels absolutely authentic. 5/5

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