Wishing for Eternal August

I decided to visit August for the first time on 2016’s New Years (early) Eve(ning) after seeing pictures of cheese plates by candle light and oysters plated on China seep through Instagram the past few months. Real life did not disappoint.

Everything about this place is in the details — August is tiny (12 seats at a dark hardwood bar) but that condensed space serves an immediate foreshadowing of the incredibly personal touch to everything there. A giant, wooden wine display, little bouquets of roses in glass jars, three different wine glasses for reds depending on depth and color… every single thing feels deliberate and hand chosen, food included.

The menu is brief, but confident. It’s crafted for wine pairings — cheese and meat plates, an east and west coast oyster selection, some lovely deviled eggs, pickles, olives, a little caviar, and a salad or two. Tried and true staples include the cheese and meat board and drinks, with highlights like a truffled cow cheese and obscure wines, like a ruché. Come back for oysters, the deviled eggs, and to try wines you haven’t heard of. 

Easy 5/5.

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